How to Take Care of a Bearded Dragon

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Make sure they have a heat lamp. They are cold blooded so they need heat to warm their body.Make sure that an area of the cage is at 80-100 degrees F.

Make sure they have water!

You want to feed them crickets, and it is also good to give them pre made food. You can give them shredded carrots to.

Never- give them lighting bugs. They have a chemical in them that makes them glow that is toxic to bearded dragons.

Add scenery! Also make sure you have a shady spot in the cage like in mine in the back under the rock.

Remember to keep a spot where they can lay under the heat lamp.

When you pick them up do not squeeze them to death but squeeze them lightly to pick them up. When they are new in your home you want to start to interact with them so they do not get stub-urn.

Carefully pick them up.

It's ok to give them a bath.

Put them in Luke warm water and don't worry they will float on their stomach.

Be care full they will climb up your arm! 😃

They are very cool pets! Also very fun to have and play with. But also note when they are little they are very fast.

Keep the humidity at 20-40%.

Remember to turn lights out when it's night time.

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