How to Make Bruschetta

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Chop tomatoes and remove seeds.

I like using Roma tomatoes because they are easy to cut around the seeds.

After removing seeds and fleshy inside, dice what is left.

You can also use canned diced tomatoes, just make sure you drain the juice really well.

Personally, I like to use a combination of fresh and canned diced tomatoes! Mix well if you do this step.

When chopping and dicing onions, remember to leave the root attached and cut from the opposite side to avoid tears!

I usually dice half of a red onion, then use half of this amount for the bruschetta. The other half I store in a tightly zipped plastic bag for salads or other recipes.

Since you are doing such a great job slicing and dicing, grab some basil leaves and chop them, too!

I'm guessing this is about 1/4 cup. Don't be afraid to estimate on the solid food items!

Grab you liquid ingredients and your salt and pepper. I love to use these measuring spoons from Pampered Chef for my smaller quantities.

Add the red onions, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to your tomatoes. Mix well.

Time to add the feta cheese!

I put about 5 spoonfuls into the mix. Stir well.

Remember the basil you chopped earlier that made your kitchen smell so delightful? Time to add that to the mix. Fold carefully to blend.

You can serve immediately with your choice of crackers (bagel and pita chips are great dippers, too). The bruschetta will remain fresh for about 3 days, but I doubt you will have any left over! Yum!

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