How to Make Gnocchi

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Boil cubed potatoes till fork tender

Strain potatoes

Push potatoes through ricer or do a fine mash

Sprinkle flour over potatoes and make a well and add salt and eggs

Knead dough adding more flour till dry to the touch

Portion baseball size piece of dough add plenty of flour to prevent from sticking to surface.

Roll out dough with hands till long finger width tube is made

Cut in 1inch pieces

Roll on gnocchi board ($5 on amazon) using 3 fingers putting more pressure on outside two fingers.

Keep well floured before boiling

Boil till they float to surface approx 1 min add to ice bath until ready to add to sauce

Add to desired sauce and voila. I deglazed the pan I used for my pork with white wine and then added cream, italian herbs and salt and pepper TT.


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