How to make a simple but tasty crab salad

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First, take a pot and bring some water to a boil. You want just enough water to cover your pasta, but not to where it will overflow when cooking. I used about 6-7 cups. Remember,the pasta will expand.

This is the pasta I used. You can use any kind you like. Cook the pasta according to the box directions or however you like. Use about half of the box.

Once the pasta is finished cooking, drain the water and let it sit and cool down while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Take out your celery and a sweet onion, or onion of your choice.

Take 2 celery stalks and dice them up--chunky or fine.

Add the celery to a large container.

Next, take your onion. Cut it in half and put one half away. Take the other half and dice it to your liking.

Add the onions to the celery.

By now, the pasta should be cool enough. Add it to the mix.

Now, we're going to take our imitation crab meat.

Dice it up, chunky or fine.

Add the crab meat to the mix.

Next, stir all of the ingredients until well blended.

Now, take out: salt, garlic powder, mayo, and black pepper.

Take your mayo and add a few dollops. Mix with the ingredients. You want just enough mayo to coat everything. However, if you like more mayo, go for it.

Then, take your pepper. Sprinkle some on. Take your salt and add a few pinches. And finally, add some garlic powder. Be careful about adding too much salt and garlic powder.

Mix the salad after adding the seasoning. Taste it and if you like it how it is, leave it. If you feel it needs more of one of the seasonings or more mayo, add a little bit more and taste again.

Serve immediately after preparing, room temperature. Or, chill in the fridge first and then serve. I like to eat mine cold. Enjoy! :)

There are many variations of crab salads. You can always experiment with your own ingredients. For ex., the 1st time I made this, I used peas instead of celery because I didn't have any.

It tasted great with the peas, plus it added a little more color to it. Also, you could add diced sweet pickles and their juice along with the celery. Have fun experimenting! :)

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