How to make caramalized onion and garlic nan

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Slice onions and garlic finely and cook. Take 1 teaspoon butter and one teaspoon oil in pan and add the onions and garlic . Put your gas on very low heat and let it cook slowly .

Activate the yeast in warm water with a tea spoon of sugar

Roast onions till they are nicely browned . Cool it down when done.

Add this to the flour .

Knead this to a nice dough consistency. Add water as needed. Apply a bit of oil over it cover it and keep itin a warm place to rise . Let it rice to double the size

It has doubled

Take a lemon size ball . And roll it round .

You can either put in very very hot oven or roast on pan as shown here with a bit of oil

add bit of oil

After roasting it looks like this

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