How to make an origami heart

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Get your square piece of paper.

Fold it in half

Fold it in half again.


Fold bottom half to the middle line.

Flip over.

Fold corners to the middle line.

Flip over.

Fold the top pointy end to the bottom.

Flip over.

Fold the other part over.

Then, put the top to the bottom of the section.

Fold to the middle of the heart with the flaps.

Then fold the outside of the flaps over to the middle. You can put some tape to hold it if you want.

There is your heart!

Look what happens when you make four.

I made 4 but didn't do the last step.

Add tape to the front...

...And the back.

You can use it as a cute coaster, or just a decoration.

Watch the video: Origami Blossom Heart Tutorial

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