How to cook easy paleo "pasta"

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White kale is a great substitute for pasta when you are eating Paleo since you want to avoid carbs but still want to be able to enjoy your favorite food.

Start by chopping the kale into pieces. I ended up only using half and as you can see it made quite a lot!

It should look something like this to add to the "pasta look"

Melt some butter in a pan and trow in the cabbage on low heat.

Add 2 tbs of water, season with salt and pepper and let it boil with a lid on for a 5-10 min.

There we go! The cabbage shouldn't be soft as you want it to have a little crunchy feel to it when you eat it.

Serve with a lovely homemade LCHF bolognais and some fresh salad on the side for a healthy and delicious meal. follow me here on snap guide for more Paleo/ LCHF recipes. Enjoy!

Watch the video: How to make gluten-free egg pasta!

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