How to make a simple deco mesh wreath

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This guide is incomplete! I have all steps in text, will be adding additional step by step photos soon!

Deco mesh comes in different sizes usually in 5 or 10 yd rolls. Use 5-6 in mesh or larger for this wreath. I used 21in as the base mesh and 10in as the accent mesh. You'll use more with smaller size.

Different sized deco mesh

Take a handful of pipe cleaners and cut them in half. It is easier to hide them in the mesh if you use pipe cleaners that match your mesh colors.

Pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaners cut in half

Now take your wire wreath form and locate the crossbars. Take your cut pieces of pipe cleaners and wrap them around the two middle rows and each crossbar and twist in place.

Now wrap pieces of pipe cleaner around the outer and inner 2 rows in between the crossbars. 1 outer and 1 inner in each section is usually plenty unless you want smaller poofs. That is what I did.

Now take your base color mesh, grab the cut end, secure it at a crossbar with a pipe cleaner. This will be your start/stop point.

Now continue securing the mesh in the outer rows, inner rows, and at the crossbars until you return to your stop point.

Cut the mesh about half an inch from the tied point. Now grab your accent color mesh. Start it at a crossbar as well.

If you want your accent color to run directly through the center, only secure it on the middle two rows. If you want it in tighter poofs, add a half piece of pipe cleaner between crossbars-middle row.

Continue to secure around wreath until you reach your stop point. I added a bow with my accent color. If you want to add one as well, don't cut at this point, if not, cut your mesh roll now.

To make a bow, you will need extra pieces of pipe cleaners. Now make two opposite poofs and secure to wreath.

Make two more poofs and secure. Make two last poofs and secure. Cut from roll. Fluff out your mesh on wreath and fluff out bow. You're done!

Add embellishment anywhere you can glue it to mesh. Let adhesive set. Once dry, you can add a piece of pipe cleaner to back of wire form in a closed loop at the top center to hang with.

This is your finished product!

Smaller mesh, single color, more attached points.

Accent color weaved through middle and outer rows.

Sheer ribbon added for additional accent

Only secured at crossbars on middle rows.

Watch the video: DIY: LoopyCurly Deco Mesh Wreath

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