How to make an easy antipasti platter

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Ok I celebrate the holidays every year. It wouldn't be complete without an antipasto platter. I make my own it's easy. Take a round platter with or without dividers and place washed romaine over it.

Take the cold cuts roll them up and place them nicely on the platter

Cut your dry salami and do the same with them

Chop your cheese and place them nicely next to the cold cuts

Look how nice my platter is starting to look. I placed my olives in the center of my platter

Next goes the marinated mushrooms they were also placed in the center of the platter

This wouldn't be an antipasto platter without marinated artichoke hearts. Yummy

For this platter I purchased these sun dried cherry tomatoes that were awesome. I placed them right besides my cold cuts.

I also used miniature mozzarella balls. Yum

For color and of course flavor I lastly added slices of roasted red pepper. That's it. The platter is ready to be served along some crusty bread and/or garlic bread.

This platter is easy to make. You get to choose what goes on it. It's a good start to the holiday festivities when everyone is waiting on dinner to be served. Serve along side your favorite wine.

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