How to make majo majo neru neru diy japanese candy kit

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This is everything that comes in Kracie's Majo Majo Neru Neru Cola Lemon DIY Candy Kit

Separate Included Packets, Get your Water cup Ready

Add Green Packet #1 to Left side of Container

Add 1 Cup of Water-Use included water scooper (1 Measured Scoop) and Mix

Add Orange Packet #2 to Green Mix-This is the Color Changing Step and Mix in-Woohoo, Magic!! Green turns Orange!!!

Add Blue Packet #3 to Right side of Tray-These are the crunchy dipping goodies that make it cute'

Add Black and Gold Packet Crackling mix to Left Side-These make your mix Pop-Rock-y

Add Purple and Gold Fizzy Foaming Packet to Left Side Mixture-AND ADD 1 More SCOOP of WATER (not pictured) & Mix-This is so awesome-Super Fizzy Foaming-With Japanese Candy, it's always an experience!!

Fully Mix Left Side Mixture then Scoop up a spoonful and roll it in the cute candy bits and Enjoy your Super Crackly, Foaming Fizzy Cola and Lemon Flavor yumminess!

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