How to identify an authentic mont blanc pen

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New Mont Blanc pens are packaged in a sturdy retail box. The color and branding of the box may differ according to year and model but check carefully for any errors in the overall quality and finish.

New Mont Blanc pens are accompanied by a service guide. The exact copy may vary slightly e.g. Some guides do not have the "writing instruments" line, but all will feature the logo.

Inside the service guide is a guarantee certificate. Check that any details stamped match those on the receipt.

New Mont Blanc pens are packaged in a branded carry case. The Mont Blanc star logo is usually present in the bottom right corner, check the size and positioning carefully.

Some Mont Blanc pens feature a serial number usually located engraved onto a band. Check that it matches any serial numbers detailed on the box or guarantee certificate.

Some Mont Blanc pens will also feature a country of origin name engraved into a band.

New Mont Blanc pens feature the word "Pix" engraved on the underside of the clip. It may be difficult to see but there is a small registered trademark circled R also detailed.

The cap top of Mont Blanc pens almost always features the Mont Blanc star logo. The edges will be exactly fitted to the cap. Mont Blanc refills for ball point pens will be branded Mont Blanc.


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