How to make a shaving blade last 1 year or more

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I'm sure every adult male or female, would've used at least one shaving blade in their lifetime. Have you ever wondered why shaving blade refills are much much more expensive than the initial set?

They know and make sure you replace blades every 2 months or so. Now, allow me to share the secret of overcoming it. First, get a used small plastic container that would fit a blade nicely.

Fill it with lubricating oil just enough to submerge the depth of the blade’s sharp edge. I used light engine oil. You can use any oil as long as it inhibits rust (like most oil do anyway).

Place the shaver, blade-side down into the container.

This step is of course after you've used the shaver and you're storing it.

Before using the shaver, dab the blade onto a tissue paper a few times to blot the oil from the blade surface.

Then, using an old toothbrush, clean the blades with dishwashing liquid till oil residue is removed completely.

Shave away guys and gals. When done, as usual, rinse the blade under strong running water.

Now the all important step. After rinsing blades, wipe it on a towel laid flat (denims would be good if not better) and ensure wiping ONLY in one direction i.e. from the handle towards blade.

Most blade manufacturers will tell you that touching the blade will make it blunt, therefore rinsing in water is enough. Actually that'd only make the blade edge calcified. Top blade is brand new...

...whilst the bottom blade has stayed sharp for 1 year 7 months. Believe it or not it has served me well. Just remember to store blade in the oiled container after each use. Cheers and be kind.

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