How to have an awesome time in copenhagen

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Let's begin by saying that I'm not claiming to make THE guide to the best places in Copenhagen. That's pretty much impossible. We spent about 4 days there & here's what we did.

Depending on what you like, how much time you have, if you travel with kids e.t.c. there are so many choices to make. I recommend to stay off Ströget. It mostly contains chain stores & tourists...

Enjoy the good weather. This is the Planetarium, at Vesterbro. We didn't go in but I'm pretty sure it's nice. When wearing good shoes you can easily walk around most of the city, or take the bus.

Try some Danish specialities..we enjoyed this at Sofiakaelderen together with some cool jazz, since it was Copenhagen Jazz Festival. We didn't go to Copenhagen because of that, it was just a bonus.

It looks cloudy but it was actually a nice day.

Visit Christiania not for what they sell but for the often shrewd architecture. The people living there have had such imagination when making the area into their own.

You're not allowed to take photos within certain areas of the compound so be careful! Those areas are marked with a crossed-over camera. You're also not allowed to run there. When you get hungry...

...for example visit Madklubben, a relatively new hang out with really good food to an afordable price. Madklubben is situated in the area of Vesterbro which is near to the Central station.

I had a delicious piece of lamb.

On their menu it says that the company chooses their staff based on their mood rather than their skills to present the food 😉

When thirsty find Mikkeller, a micro brewery with some very nice flavors, and some more challenging like their bacon ale. The original place is located at Vesterbro and the second venue in Norrebro.

The place at Vesterbro has 40 different beers on tap. They all come either from Mikkeller or To Ol (2 Beers).

They also have a bottle shop where you can buy some of their lovely beers to bring home.

The nice view on the walk back to the hotel.

Another day we visited TorvehaIlarne. I had read about it and indeed is it a Mekka for food geeks. Have a look at all the different kinds of fish..., rye bread, sausages, chocolate etc. Here we sat down for a while and enjoyed a great IPA from a micro brewery called Herslev.

We walked around for a while, just looking at all the beautiful colors..

These are just adorable!

They have such a variety of flavors; whether your "thing" is coffee, beer, ice cream, bread or licorice you find it here.

We had some lovely tapas, not typical Danish though. Serrano ham/manchego cheese, salami/truffle cream and the 3rd with artichokes/shrimps, such a delight! Will try to re-create these at home.

The day wouldn't be perfect without icecream! Here organic strawberry and mango. Also at Torvehallarne

Such lovely chili plants! We thought about bringing some home with us but we're not really great with plants 😞

Instead we headed off to the Tintin Store, (Faroes cigarrer), with merchandise from the Tintin albums, Simpsons and other more or less familiar series. We bought a Tintin poster to frame.

We then headed to Brewpub, another micro brewery where you can get this try out-tray with 5 of their beers. We then had a quick dinner before taking the train back home. See you soon again I hope!

For more suggestions on what to see and do in Copenhagen have a look at my follow-up guide.

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