How to make pizza bianca

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Or, a layer of ricotta spread on the dough basted with the prepared olive oil, topped with grated mozzarella and Parmesan cheese baked. Then...Basted with the prepared oil. And served...

My advice is to prepare ahead of time the oil with (garlic), Rosemary and pepperoncini. Then you are ready to do either or

Ready pizza crust, olive oil, fresh rosemary, garlic and salt

Here is the salt de guerande;coarse natural salt. The garlic crushed in the oil. Also I put some rosemary in the oil and some for the top

Pepperoncini: optional but I love spicy food.

The oil ready

I put on the oven to prehe at 220C. Then I prepare the oil.

Personally I like to precut the dough. It is ready for serving. It is specially practical for the first version which is crispy

The first version Baste or drizzle the oil over the dough. The garlic will b in the bottom and leave it in your ball for basting at the end. Otherwise it will burn and becomes bitter.

Bake for 15 mins or as you prefer your pizza soft or crusty. Anyway this version of pizza Bianca will always b crusty because there is no sauce

The second version. Put ricotta

Baste with the prepared oil

Put grated mozzarella

With mozzarella

Parmesan. May u have grated Parmesan

Add parmesan

I added few leaves of rosemary and few red peppercorns for the decoration

Cook for 15 mins or so. You can baste it with the oil mixture. Amazing taste

With a knife or a pizza cutter go over the precut dough. Baste with the prepared oil ready to serve.

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