How to make easy popiah (fried springroll)

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Gather your supplies; prepare beansprout fillings first. The beansprout is at 12 o'clock. Dried shrimp is in d fish saucer, if u don't have, opt for fresh ones. If u use big carrot, 1 is enough.

Springroll sheets

Remove from packaging n cover with a kitchen towel to avoid drying. Its good to wet the towel 1st n squeeze well.

Julienne the carrot. Alternatively, u can cut it coursely, or use a course grater.

Use all the (*) ingredients (onion, garlic, ginger, prawn). Blend them to paste and stir-fry with 2 tbs vege oil on a medium fire.

When the oil appears bubbling at the side if the paste, then its cooked

Add the carrots in. Stir well. Add about 1 tsp water.

Add your beansprout and stirfry for 1 min. Season with a pinch of salt, pepper n a few dashes of light soy sauce. Add the chopped spring onion and stir directly before closing the fire.

Let it cool to room temp. About 1/2 h or so. Optionally, u can put a dash of sesame oil for that extra nutty flavor.

Prepare the tuna filling (we forgot to take pictures). Use 1-2 pieces of tuna from the tuna can. Stirfry cubed onions and add in the tuna with 2-3 tbs of gravy. Season with salt and 1/2 sqeeze of lime

After all filling cooled to room temp, fold the filling in. Use 2 tsp each.

Fold from bottom first. Tuck in the filling abit

Fold left and right before rolling it to a close

Mix 1 tsp of all purpose flour with a bit of water to use as a glue on the edge of the popiah

Roll over after gluing

This is what it looks like

Similarly, do the same for the beansprout filling. We use 2 tbs because we want gigantic popiahs!

The different in size huhu

Glaze a pan with vege oil at medium fire n fry about 2-3 mins or so on both side

Enjoy while its hot with a cup of tea!

Delicious with chili or tomato sauce. The tuna filling can be frozen up to a month or so but not for the vege filling. We've made potato chicken filling n apple potato filling for frozen. Tastes good!

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