How to bake baci di dama 'lady kisses' hazelnut cookies🇮🇹

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Hazel nuts, icing sugar, rice flour and butter. For the garnish dark chocolate(I used 85%) especially if you add Nutella otherwise it is very sweet

Rice flour

Toast the hazelnuts. I bought them peeled. But if you don't find that. You can just toast them, put them in a kitchen towel. Rub and the skin will go

In the food processor

Pulse to Reduce to powder

Add the icing sugar and the rice flour. Pulse

Add cold butter

This is what you get. A sandy dough. Chill for a couple of hrs or overnight. Or freeze

1 egg white . Optional. It is recommended if you are using the dough a base for tart

This is with the egg white but it is not necessary if you are making the cookies

Put in a cling film and refrigerate...or

Split into 4

Make 4 balls wrap and refrigerate . This way you could take each separately leaving the others cold. Or you could freeze whichever to use another time. This dough makes 40 double cookies.

Bake in a preheated oven 160C FOR 14-16 mins. Depends on the oven and on the size of the cookies.

For the filling: melt 50g bitter chocolate add 1-2 Tsp Nutella. When this mixture is soft cream consistency, put a bit on the flat side of one cookie and cover wit another. When thick, serve

You wait untill the chocolate becomes a thick cream consistency

Put a Tsp on one

Then press another cookie on ot and leave it to thicken


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