How to make cider braised pork tacos

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This is a flavorful idea to execute your next taco night...

Start fresh!!!

Cut the peppers, onions, and garlic in a small dice(Brunoise)

Season then sear the pork on at least two(2) sides. Add habanero and yellow chilies, onion, garlic and zest of 2 limes. Sweat 2 min. Then deglaze with Apple Cider brew.

Added ingredients

Deglaze with Apple Cider brew. Cook for 2+ hours.

Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 2 hours. The pork will toughen up and then be broken down to a very tender and flavorful textured meat.

Chop the pork. It should be tender enough that it is falling apart in your hands by now though.

Edible flowers...

I made a pesto out of cilantro, flower petals, roasted butternut squash seeds, olive oil, garlic and love...

Corn/flour blend tortillas

Fry the tortillas using tongs to maintain shape of a taco shell

Roasted Butternut squash for my "taco stand"

Smeared pesto plating begins

Spread pesto on inside of taco shell

Fill the tortillas with the pork and finish with your favorite toppings & garnishes. I chose onions, diced tomatoes, honeysuckle petals, queso fresco, and cilantro!!! PLATE IT AND ENJOY!!

Sorry for the shadow. I'm not a professional photographer ;p

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