How to make a tie blanket

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Have your two fleece blankets ready!

Step 1. First lay down one of your blankets. Make sure there are no wrinkles .

Step 2- Take your second blanket lay it on top of the first. Make sure all sides are in line with one another.

Step 3- Go 3inches into the blanket on your corner. And make a little cut with your scissors.

Step 4- Take your ruler an measure three inches high and cut three inches.

Step 5-Cut into where you have already cut before to cut out your square, remember you will be doing this on all four corners!

Step 6-Remove the extra fabric you have just cut off.

Step 7-Measure 1 inch in from your square you have just cut off.

Step 8-Begin to cut your strips for the tie strips for the blanket stop at the cut of the square you had made before so then you'll have a perfect even blanket

Do this process on every side of your blanket.

Finally you have a soft tied blanket!

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