How to create a canvas using pencils

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Gather your supplies.

Adhere washi tape all over canvas. Use a bone folder to ensure good contact.

Start adhering pencils in a random pattern.

Apply 2 coats of gesso to pencils by brushing the tops of pencils. Don't push down too hard, we only want partial coverage.

I'm using my Graphic 45 Typography stamps . Make sure to press down good.

I'm also adding smaller text stamps in a different color.

Gather some fussy cut imagery from typography paper line.

I'm adding my most favorite product. Graphic 45 staples. Love them all.

Start adhering down your embellishments. Add as much or as little as you like.

I broke apart an old keyboard and I'm using some of the keys as embellishments.

I added clock hands pointing at 4 and 5 for my favorite company :) That's it. All done. :)

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