How to make a quick, super healthy smoothie

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First off, you'll need to soak the Chia Seeds in a little bit of water. Just to soften them up!

Let them soak for a few minutes while you prepare the rest of your smoothie ingredients.

I usually put two bananas in this smoothie! I peel and slice them.

One cup of frozen blueberries will keep your smoothie cold and add a delicious fruity flavour.

This is my secret ingredient. I don't very much like the taste of watercress but I pack as much as possible into my smoothie, the health benefits are amazing.

Everything goes in together! It always looks delicious like this.

I top it up with a mix of almond and coconut milk, any kind of milk works with this smoothie.

I use an emulsion blender to blend it all together, it's so quick and easy to clean.

The final result is a bright, delicious and healthy smoothie!

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