How to make quick strawberry jam

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Harvest fruit


Any size will do

Slightly over ripe or under ripe fruit is fine. It all gets mushed together.

Pop off green tops

Proceed with prep

Recipe source


Mash strawberries. I harvested 4+ cups mashed, and will adjust recipe accordingly.

Add sugar. I prefer to use less sugar and it is a bit runny. Makes great sauce for ice cream.

Let stand 4 hours or overnight. Quick strawberry jam not so quick after all.

6 hrs, 3min. Good enough. I have never skipped this step but I think it is the slow mix of the fructose and sucrose that makes this really jam.

Bring to hard boil. Reduce heat to medium. Boil 10 minutes.

Add flavored gelatin. Choose your fruit flavor combo. Pineapple gelatin is my favorite. Raspberry was my least favorite. A bit too artificial. Lime was...different.

Bring back to a boil. Let rest for a few minutes. Stir. Cool slightly if using glass jars.

Pour into jam jars or plastic containers

Wipe edges

Cool completely before putting into refrigerator. Will also keep in freezer for many months.

Warning: If given as gifts, be prepared for refill requests!

Watch the video: Strawberry Jam from Frozen Berries

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