How to make mouthwatering chocolate balls

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For these balls I usually bake the cake from scratch and moisten it with hot coffee. You can bake any cake from any cake mixes if you like or...

If you have cake leftovers you can reinvent a dessert by transforming it into these yummy chocolate balls

Crumble the cake with your hands. If it's a leftover cake crumble it with it's icing


For binding I use home made butter icing. This is the condensed milk I use. Any chocolate icing will do or for easy recipe just use Nutella or any chocolate spread

For butter icing: 8oz (225gr) butter soften, 1/2 can condensed milk, 4 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder. If the icing not chocolaty enough add more cocoa. Mix well but don't make it melt

Add the icing/spread gradually to the cake crumbs till it's soft but manageable

If you mistakenly put too much icing you can fix it by placing into a refrigerator for an hour or so till it'll harden

Roll small balls out of chocolate mixture by using moist (not wet) hands

Roll each ball in coconut flakes. You can make them more interesting by rolling in different toppings such as: ground walnuts or any nuts, ground graham crackers, colored sugar, ground cereal

After rolling place them on baking paper, refrigerate. When they are cold they become hard so you can easily put them balls one on top each other and freeze them on airtight container for future use

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